A journey of a thousand miles

It was here where it began! Close to a century and half ago. Two decades after the end of the American civil war. I mean 1885!
Nyamira was nothing extraordinary, just one among those diminutive little farming interiors far from the main land. It was nothing more than just an insignificant empty dot on the western part of everything, filled with a vacuum of nothingness. An abandoned landscape. The origin of the latter day fertile land.
It was full of harvest stores, local brews, chants of celebration, alulations of coming to birth, unity of purpose. Not to mention the lush greenness of the interior flora, a source of whatever came to be, later in the years.
It could’ve began here and there! Up and about! A place close to the raging river, emptying itself into the deepest depth of the sea. The enormous body of water where comets that had defied the rule of the space had fled to.
But it began here!
At the shores deep into the deepest floor of the ocean. Through the other side of the Rubicon valley. Behind it was two centuries of a lineage cobwebbed with ruins. The Abandoned Pedigree!


Ripples Now and again, I come in ripplesFilling the tank and tuning fiddlesJust like to a dog, I call them by whistleFollowing the ting ting Ching path rappelCus cash is the card whip I tactI find fact and in factI cause chaos and gain traction by a fraction pactIn the backseat of the rover IContinue reading “Ripples”


Sultana Perhaps he left for hospital?Eeehm!There’s an emergency,Huh!The blind girl, waiting impatiently by the gate.Perhaps someone follows,Perhaps not.Run!Run girl, runRun for cover. They leave long before dawn,And leave behind SultanaThey’ll be back after sunsetThey come from the sea where they went fishingAs ducks flitter and litter the compound,They flatter to matterBeating the midday clatter ofContinue reading “Sultana”

Hey Mama

Hey Mama Lord gave this pen, so I write about you MamaSpilling the ink on paperAnd telling tales of Mama;The woman of my life from whom I take pride.Who can really compare with your gentleness? MamaNo, not even one. Your love for me is ever beyond measure,Guiding me through pain and making my conscience gain,Mama.LookContinue reading “Hey Mama”

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