Hey Mama

Hey Mama

Lord gave this pen, so I write about you Mama
Spilling the ink on paper
And telling tales of Mama;
The woman of my life from whom I take pride.
Who can really compare with your gentleness? Mama
No, not even one.

Your love for me is ever beyond measure,
Guiding me through pain and making my conscience gain,
Look around and see,
The sea of words singing your praises till the sun rises.
Leaving you, I can’t
But I’ll stay and attention pay.

I look into your eyes and all I see is me,
Reminiscing the scars behind your smile,
You could go out of your way to create a way out for my day,
Getting me filled, even when everything was scarce
Oh Mama!
Strict, yet so caring
And your unending love so glaring.

I sit on this yellow stone,
Pouring my my empty thoughts just for your case.
You left, but you never abandoned the heart,
Walking away, leaving behind a troubled heart.
Now I look into sunset,
Watching the sun’s rays fade beyond the horizon

From a distance, I see your tender loving face,
Shimmering in dreams and assuring me a little life.
From a distance,
I feel your absence
Taking on harmony and forgetting the unforgettable tune of your once musical voice,
And losing myself in a labyrinth of painful streets,
Hey Mama!

~Author: Kevin Aroni

Published by Kevin Aroni

Kenyan Author; Novelist, Playwright, Poet. Budding actor and screenwriter

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