Now and again, I come in ripples
Filling the tank and tuning fiddles
Just like to a dog, I call them by whistle
Following the ting ting Ching path rappel
Cus cash is the card whip I tact
I find fact and in fact
I cause chaos and gain traction by a fraction pact
In the backseat of the rover I keep intact
Coming around and hearts to subtract
These lines, I write them
You’d think I came from the high downtown
And before we walk into the virus salem
I lock the doors and keep them in a tight lockdown

The way groups come along wrong,
I come around strong and shatter the shade
Perhaps after this wit,
They’ll wait in line for this big tit.
Well, that’s always right and tight tat!
Mice rat roots and route the cats
I’m everywhere you could find me
I keep calm and cool, cus fool is full of drool,
and these chics so close,
They wanna run and rain on this wood, while I serve and swarf on this, food good

I always want to reach that paper,
So I grab opportunity before it sublime like vapor
I despise loss, so I floss with a win like Trevor
Cus the plan is to exceed shilling
The top can’t argue out the bottom
True, I own the pen and so I broach to approach ink and think.

I rolled into that hole,
Now I feel so full and whole
The tree slid roots into the swamp
And I could find Cynthia Walter inside water
I take down meat and rub on pawpaw
We left them torch and watched them play with motion causing commotion.
And the way they smoke and sometimes burn the picture
I get out in the night like Santa,
Just to watch the midnight sky
And the June’s moonlight full and bright.

A whole night with Leila,
Back to sleep after cat ate mouse.
We left criminals at the crime sin
Writing play scenes since the fall of prince
When they want, they must pay hey!
So we don’t eat like cattle hay
From the bottom of my hut, I smoke them out like fog
And before the log falls into stream
I wait for cream to turn into ‘I scream’

I heard the croaks of frog
So I can’t state further, I keep them adhoc
Alone, I chirp the monologue,
Punning and pinning verses on nurses, so rogue
_Then walk to stage with dialogue
Before stock turns into talk smog

Writer: Kevin Aroni

Published by Kevin Aroni

Kenyan Author; Novelist, Playwright, Poet. Budding actor and screenwriter

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