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Let it fall

Let the tree fall When the tree sinks deep into the swamp, We don’t need to worry about the winds Just let screams depart the stream And watch the river break its banks When the tree sinks, The grasses around the river shall be splashed with water from within. The logs shall rot but theContinue reading “Let it fall”


Ripples Now and again, I come in ripplesFilling the tank and tuning fiddlesJust like to a dog, I call them by whistleFollowing the ting ting Ching path rappelCus cash is the card whip I tactI find fact and in factI cause chaos and gain traction by a fraction pactIn the backseat of the rover IContinue reading “Ripples”


Sultana Perhaps he left for hospital?Eeehm!There’s an emergency,Huh!The blind girl, waiting impatiently by the gate.Perhaps someone follows,Perhaps not.Run!Run girl, runRun for cover. They leave long before dawn,And leave behind SultanaThey’ll be back after sunsetThey come from the sea where they went fishingAs ducks flitter and litter the compound,They flatter to matterBeating the midday clatter ofContinue reading “Sultana”

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