Let it fall

Let the tree fall

When the tree sinks deep into the swamp,

We don’t need to worry about the winds

Just let screams depart the stream

And watch the river break its banks

When the tree sinks,

The grasses around the river shall be splashed with water from within.

The logs shall rot but the stumps shall grow again,

Letting the green lush and flowers bloom.

When the tree sinks,

The branches will tremble and twigs dance with rhapsody.

When it sinks,

The universe will turn around

And senses may be lost until their eventual return

Hold fast to the axe and let the tree fall

Turn up and around and let it hit the ground.

The hole takes the whole trunk

And the pole makes a prank

Let it sink and seal the leakages

Because when the tree falls,

No more screams will be heard downstream.

~Kevin Aroni

Published by Kevin Aroni

Kenyan Author; Novelist, Playwright, Poet. Budding actor and screenwriter

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